Sherpa Design Acquiring Cutting-Edge 3D Printer

Oct. 5, 2017

Sherpa Design is pleased to announce the addition of a cutting-edge Carbon M2 3D printer to our roster of fabrication equipment. Beginning January 1st 2018, polymer parts ready for end-use will be part of our customer options.

With this investment Sherpa Design joins a select group of Carbon M2 owners, becoming one of the first companies in the beautiful Pacific NW to offer Carbon parts.

The M2 enables previously impossible designs, from single-part combinations of complex assemblies to un-moldable and un-millable geometries like lattices. With the Carbon M2, your object is drawn from a resin tank without interruption. Sherpa Design will be able to construct prototype or production-ready parts in a single operation.

Since the Carbon signature printing process is 25 to 100 times faster than standard 3D printing techniques, our design process in many cases will be able to skip any prototyping stages and go directly to end-use part production. Carbons proprietary CLIP Process produces isotropic polymer parts similar to those produced by traditional injection molding processes. So, no stair-stepping like typical 3D printers produce.

Sherpa Design is excited to offer our regional customers this new inventory option and help them explore a world of business models. This fast 3D printing technology is compatible with Carbon proprietary materials; including Rigid Polyurethane (RPU), Flexible Polyurethane (FPU), Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU), Cyanate Ester, Epoxy and Urethane Methacrylate.

About Sherpa Design: Sherpa Design is a mechanical design and prototyping company specializing in product development. Our innovative engineers and machinists provide complex modeling, product design, rapid prototyping, CNC fabrication, 3D fabrication, and Teamcenter PLM services. Taking our inspiration from legendary sherpa Tenzing Norgay, our goal is to guide others to success, helping them get there.

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Reach out to us about your project. We're engineers and we love to get the details!

For fabrication requests, we will need the following details to provide cost estimates for you:

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