In our Mechanical Engineering Project section, Sherpa Design is proud to highlight our work on the JamHub Stage. Promising to shakeup how musicians rehearse, record and perform, the JamHub Stage has been unveiled to the musical retail world for 2016.

The JamHub Stage is touted as the perfect mixer for small spaces like coffee shops and house parties. It's portable, durable, and gives an intuitive way to mix PAs and monitors. Musicians can control their own in-ear monitors, then use the Stage to get sound to the front-of-house.

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Hitting the consumer market this year is Circle, a device that manages family screen time. Sherpa Design had the privilege of providing CAD work on Circle, which parents can use to filter content, limit Internet connectivity, and set time limits for every device in the home.

Sherpa Design became involved during the device’s Kickstarter beginnings. Since then it’s been a remarkable progression for Circle, who went on to partner with the Disney Company to bring the product to market.

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Nearly 200 PNDC members gathered at Benchmade founders Les & Roberta de Asis' home for our annual VIP Summer Bash with stellar networking, delicious NW treats, beautiful music, and drone "rides".

This event was themed around “The Bounty of the Northwest.” Sherpa Design supported one of the food stations featuring the Northwest’s great bounty of food, while networking, building connections and supporting the regional economy.

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Earlier this year Sherpa Design was pleased to work for digital display maker, Planar Systems. The company was quickly moving forward on a new display system using transparent OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology. Planar needed a final design enclosure and a working prototype to show off at an upcoming trade show, and contracted with Sherpa Design to get it done.

Planar has been innovating in transparent technology for over a decade, and with their latest version, the company is focusing on display systems for retail companies, museums, and other industries looking for eye-catching displays animated with motion and video.

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Reach out to us about your project. We're engineers and we love to get the details!

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