3D Printing
and Conceptual Prototypes

3D Printing and Conceptual Prototypes


Using Z-Corp 3D printing technology, we can create models directly from your digital data. We can often quote and produce your part in 24 hours for a fraction of the cost of other prototyping methods.


3D Printing is an additive build process similar to other rapid prototyping methods. Using a combination of plaster powder and binder fluid, parts are built layer by layer from the CAD data. The unused powder around the part serves as a support structure for the prototype. After a brief drying period the part is removed and depowdered. An infiltrant is applied to give the prototype its strength.


Once infiltrated, the part can be painted, plated, or otherwise finished to your needs. It can serve as a master pattern for RTV molding and low pressure cast urethane part creation. Part strength is very good to great, depending on the part geometry and infiltrant used.

3D Printing FAQs

What is the finish like?

Depending on the build layer desired it is usually slightly textured with some appearance of 'stair stepping'. This can be sanded and painted for appearance models. See the images below for a better idea.

What is the print time?

Varies by part, but typically 2-4 hours for an average size.

File types Sherpa Design can accept?

We accept Stereolithography/Rapid Prototyping (.STL), Parasolid (.x_t), IGES (.IGS), STEP (.STP), NX/Unigraphics and Pro/E (.prt) files.

What is the build envelope?

We can print up to 10" × 14" × 8" in a single print. Larger parts can be sectioned and reassembled after individual printing.

How do you deliver parts?

We ship through our UPS or FedEx shipper unless you want us to use your account. We can ship overnight for rush projects. We provide delivery in the greater Portland area.

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