Key Capabilities & Equipment

Precision Machining

When it comes to production, we specialize in low-volume, high-precision CNC machining. Our workhorse for this purpose is the DMU 50 from DMG Mori. It’s our first choice for its five-axis machining capabilities that enable us to create complex shapes in a single setup.

CMM and First Article Inspection

We perform CMM and first article inspection (FAI) for parts we make in-house and as a service using a Nikon CMM with the Renishaw PH20 five-axis indexing head. From turbine blades and aircraft components to telescope optics, we can handle a wide range of products and deliver:

  • Measurement / FAI reports (AS9100 formatted)
  • Process validation and change suggestions
  • Dimensional part verification

Reverse Engineering

With in-house engineering expertise and precise scanning equipment, we can capture existing products and chart a course to remanufacturing.