NX CAM & NX CAD Training

Our instructors have been using UG/NX in their own engineering endeavors since 1996. Over the years, we’ve translated their real-world experience into effective onsite and remote training courses. Start with one of our NX CAD or NX CAM foundation trainings, or contact us to configure a custom training program for your company’s specific ambitions.

  • NX CAD: Foundation Training (NX Basics)
  • NX Synchronous Modeling Training
  • NX Sheet Metal Training
  • NX Drafting Training
  • NX PMI Training
  • NX CAM Foundations
  • NX CAM Advanced
  • NX Freeform Surfacing Training
  • NX Flexible Printed Circuit Design Training
  • NX PCB Exchange Training
  • NX Design for Additive Manufacturing and Convergent Modeling Training
  • NX Reverse Engineering Training
  • NX EasyFill Analysis Training

NX CAM Post-Processor & Simulation Kit Development

Equip your team with the tools they need to make smarter decisions in the manufacturing process — tools that eliminate downtime and maximize machine performance. We’ve seen the returns over and over in our own precision machine shop as well as our clients’ manufacturing sites in aerospace, automotive, medical, and beyond.

  • Custom NX post processor development
  • Feature-based machining template creation
  • NC programming templates
  • Teamcenter integrations
  • NX simulation kit development with full machine kinematics
  • Customization of production-proven base configurations in our library

NX Configuration

An optimal NX configuration can take engineering teams to new levels of productivity and ease. We’ve developed our audit/remedy practice to target stalled processes and artificial ceilings. From there, we capture your data for reuse and automate processes, freeing up your team’s bandwidth for their most innovative work. We’ll explore:

  • Advanced design tools within NX CAD
  • Custom programming and reuse tool development
  • Advanced modeling techniques
  • Model and drawing templates
  • NX CAD reuse library
  • Environment standardization
  • NX Custom deployment and management
  • NX Open configuration and development