Sherpa Design is proud to have done modeling design work for musical equipment maker, JamHub. Promising to shakeup how musicians rehearse, record and perform, the JamHub Stage has been unveiled to the musical retail world for 2016.

The JamHub Stage is touted as the perfect mixer for small spaces like coffee shops and house parties. It's portable, durable, and gives an intuitive way to mix PAs and monitors. Musicians can control their own in-ear monitors, then use the Stage to get sound to the front-of-house.

Using the JamHub GreenRoom as a starting point, Sherpa helped model new functionality into the current Stage model. Among the many improved features is the addition of smooth gliding faders, a popular feature for musicians, making it easier to mix under dim stage lights.

For the project, JamHub provided Sherpa’s mechanical engineering team with CAD files of the GreenRoom model. Sherpa’s team then worked in conjunction with their electrical engineer and our contracted prototype manufacturer to get prototypes ready for the 2016 NAMM tradeshow (the annual gathering for the National Association of Music Merchants.)

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Rohde & Schwarz contacted Sherpa Design to enlist our design support to create a wall structure that was 60 feet long and 20 feet high. The structure needed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of a coastal environment while being a temporary structure that can be moved as needed and stored in a shipping container when not in use. The fully assembled wall structure is the largest physical project that Sherpa Design has ever completed.

The design solution involved eight individual wall sections that could be assembled side by side to create the needed wall size but still be storable in four shipping containers. The assembly process is powered by a separate hydraulic power system designed specifically for use with this wall system and centralized to reduce the cost of the overall system.

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Develop new electronic test fixtures, pre-amplifier housing assemblies, and customized test equipment for their unique requirements. Designs must incorporate modularity and flexibility for the varied customer apparatus it would be used with, in addition to strict RF design concerns.

How we get them there:
Sherpa Design provides design and manufacture of specialized test fixtures, housings, and related components using Pro/Engineer and NX/Unigraphics. From original concept through to finished product, incorporating their unique requirements and brand identity.

Design and build inspection and targeting fixtures for aerospace components.

How we get them there:
Working with their part engineers, Sherpa Design creates solid models of precision gaging and manufacturing fixtures for customer review. Upon approval of the design we coordinate the construction and calibration of the tooling with our fabrication partners, and provide one-stop shopping for their tooling needs.

Formed-fiber packaging manufacturer for fruits, vegetables, and other items.

Develop new protective packaging designs and the tooling to make it. From concept to starch prototype to production tooling using Unigraphics.

How we get them there:
Working to their customers’ requests for new packaging ideas, Sherpa Design develops new articles to fit the market need. Once the design is approved the proprietary tooling is designed using the article to drive the tooling design from the top-down. If changes are made to the article they are passed down to the tooling (just like real life!) We have developed Smart Models to expedite the design process of similar articles, reducing their time to market.

Design and fabricate customized housings and systems development for next generation wireless automated incursion detection devices.

How we get them there:
Sherpa Design has been involved with this client from the initial concept and is a solutions partner of RFTrax, Inc. We developed an enclosure and mounting bracket system from concept to working prototype for monitoring the integrity of oceanic shipping containers. We continue to provide design and development of new enclosures and mounting systems for this emerging wireless intrusion detection technology.

Mining/excavation wear-component and bucket system manufacturer

Assist new product development group with modeling, data translation, and drafting in NX/Unigraphics.

How we get them there:
Sherpa Design provides on and off-site modeling, design and drafting services to assist with new points, adapters, and bucket system designs. Convert and clean up data between UG and Pro/E for customer iteration and development. We have assisted with short and longer term projects and have earned the trust of “being there” when they need us.

Convert machined assemblies into cast-parts for their proprietary valve life extending components and provide on-demand engineering assistance. Develop complete CAD models of their engine assemblies and create marketing illustrations.

How we get them there:
Sherpa Design developed a robust model in Pro/Engineer that would allow down-stream integrators to use their "bread-and-butter" technology in engine assemblies without compromising the proprietary design. We continue to provide modeling and illustration services, data translation and design iterations, assist with pattern vendors, and incorporate design changes on both long and short-term projects.

To see how we contributed to this clients success please visit their website at:

Assist with engineering and tooling design projects for engine, airframe, and other complex investment castings in a variety of metals.

How we get them there:
Primarily using NX/Unigraphics, Sherpa Design provides tooling and fixture design, precision gage design, CAD modeling of castings and gating components, and MCAD services to support their products. We work closely with their engineers to assist with new casting process technology. Over the years we have gained intimate experience with their systems they can rely on again and again.

Develop complete models of their chemical and hydrocarbon pump assemblies in Unigraphics and create photo-render illustrations.

How we get them there:
Working closely with their engineers Sherpa Design creates a fully defined solid model of their pump assemblies. Then using their specialized color palette we create Hi-Res colorized images of the pump (full and sectioned views) that will be used in trade shows and marketing materials.

Computer peripheral and consumer electronics manufacturer

Design of complex plastic components for wireless cell phone headsets, desktop computer speakers, headsets, microphones, and cellular accessories.

How we get them there:
Sherpa Design works off and on-site with their engineers and designers, providing mechanical design, prototype coordination, documentation, and coordinating contractors work to successfully bring new technology to market. Pro/Engineer and ISDX surfacing modules used.

Max-Viz is the only aerospace company in the world dedicated solely to the design, development and manufacture of Enhanced Vision Systems for the aviation industry. Max-Viz maintains a clear vision of its mission: increased safety for all civilian and military aviation.

Sherpa Design provided mechanical design and development on the EVS-100 vision system for light and personal aircraft. We worked closely with Max-Viz and their customers to develop a customized solution for aircraft thermal vision systems. From the initial concept design, styling, system sealing and environmental concerns, prototyping, and manufacturing follow-through we are proud to be part of this success to make flying safer.

 Product Links:!max-viz-600/c1d9u

Client Focus:

Unless you own a private Caribbean island or a country estate, your band has the same problem as all the other bands: rehearsing is way too loud for most locations, and studio space is limited and expensive. This is the issue that Steve Skillings, President and inventor extraordinaire, set out to solve with the Jamhub.

Jamhub is the silent rehearsal studio all musicians have dreamed of, and when the company was developing the revolutionary devices they needed to have something to show investors and stakeholders.

Jamhub turned to Sherpa Design to create full scale color prototypes. Sherpa Design received the native CAD files and Illustrator graphics and put them together using ZPrint software to create a full color, realistic prototype quickly. Sherpa printed the concept parts, assembled them, and shipped them directly to one of the presentation sites for Jamhub.

“Sherpa Design’s ability to produce such a realistic prototype so quickly really helped us move this product into the market” says Skillings. “They were able to just take the data we had and get it built in true partner fashion”.

You can learn more about Jamhub and their killer products at:

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