Modeling stagecraft for musicians: JamHub Stage

UPDATE 7/10/2017: Unfortunately, after eight years in business, JamHub had to close in mid-2017. We’re proud of the work we did with them, and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.


Sherpa Design recently completed modeling design work for musical equipment maker, JamHub. Promising to shakeup how musicians rehearse, record and perform, the JamHub Stage has been unveiled to the musical retail world for 2016.

The JamHub Stage is touted as the perfect mixer for small spaces like coffee shops and house parties. It's portable, durable, and gives an intuitive way to mix PAs and monitors. Musicians can control their own in-ear monitors, then use the Stage to get sound to the front-of-house.

Using the JamHub GreenRoom as a starting point, Sherpa helped model new functionality into the current Stage model. Among the many improved features is the addition of smooth gliding faders, a popular feature for musicians, making it easier to mix under dim stage lights.

For the project, JamHub provided Sherpa’s mechanical engineering team with CAD files of the GreenRoom model. Sherpa’s team then worked in conjunction with their electrical engineer and our contracted prototype manufacturer to get prototypes ready for the 2016 NAMM tradeshow (the annual gathering for the National Association of Music Merchants.)

To keep brand continuity, JamHub wanted to use the same industrial design as the previous GreenRoom model, but replace the LCD screen with volume sliders. Sherpa Design created a design for the new fader buttons, consistent with the look of the existing rotary knobs, and modified the top cover to provide mounting for the electrical components. To accommodate the new use case, the layout of output ports in the back of the unit was also changed.

For the creation of the final prototypes, Sherpa was pleased to work once again with Scicon Technologies. As always, Scicon proved very responsive, provided great customer service, and delivered the final units at a good price.

The project was made possible by synchronous modeling technology only available from Siemens PLM Software. Using Siemens NX 10, Sherpa Design was able to quickly and accurately modify the existing solid model and incorporate the new design features using a history-free, direct-modeling approach. After the design was finalized, Solidworks Photoview 360 was used to create photo-realistic renderings for JamHub’s marketing team to create collateral for the launch.

In all, the project timeframe was relatively short. Sherpa discussed the project with JamHub on Nov. 30th, and the trade show was Jan. 21st. Sherpa’s mechanical engineering team showed its speed and efficiency by having the prototypes done by Jan. 8th. In all it was a month and 10 days over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Sherpa Design wishes JamHub success with the JamHub Stage, and looks forward to partnering with them in the future.

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