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Unless you own a private Caribbean island or a country estate, your band has the same problem as all the other bands: rehearsing is way too loud for most locations, and studio space is limited and expensive. This is the issue that Steve Skillings, President and inventor extraordinaire, set out to solve with the Jamhub.

Jamhub is the silent rehearsal studio all musicians have dreamed of, and when the company was developing the revolutionary devices they needed to have something to show investors and stakeholders.

Jamhub turned to Sherpa Design to create full scale color prototypes. Sherpa Design received the native CAD files and Illustrator graphics and put them together using ZPrint software to create a full color, realistic prototype quickly. Sherpa printed the concept parts, assembled them, and shipped them directly to one of the presentation sites for Jamhub.

“Sherpa Design’s ability to produce such a realistic prototype so quickly really helped us move this product into the market” says Skillings. “They were able to just take the data we had and get it built in true partner fashion”.

You can learn more about Jamhub and their killer products at:

Develop new product models and mechanical design

How we get them there:
Working with their in-house designers, Sherpa Design helps develop conceptual sketches and ideas into functional designs using Pro/Engineer. These CAD models are later used for prototyping and tooling. Our experience with plastic part design, surfacing, and manufacturing processes help to keep them on schedule.

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Reach out to us about your project. We're engineers and we love to get into the details!

Reach out to us about your project. We're engineers and we love to get the details!

For fabrication requests, we will need the following details to provide cost estimates for you:

  • 3D CAD model available?
  • Drawing or PMI on model to convey desired feature tolerances available?
  • Desired material, special finishes/coatings, etc?
  • Quantity needed and desired delivery date?

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