NX CAD Foundations Course

This course uses a combination of instructional videos, sample models, and a course workbook to get you up to speed with the full capabilities of NX CAD. Videos provide a step-by-step guide to each tool and feature, while the sample models allow you to practice what you have learned. The course workbook provides a reference guide that you can refer to anytime. To make sure you never feel stuck or lost, the course includes one-on-one guidance with your instructor. 

Course Value

20 Hours of engaging
video lessons

30 Sample models

Course workbook

Access to guide hours
A $2,200 value
for only $650

What You’ll Learn

User Interface

Learn to navigate the various tools and applications offered in NX CAD and get familiar with the User Interface.  Essential aspects of customizing the NX CAD environment, including Command Dialogs to Toolbars, and modifying user settings will be covered in detail.

Feature Modeling

From extrusions and swept geometry to blending and other detail modeling, the large and diverse collection of NX CAD Feature Modeling tools and options will be explored and applied to various operations in order to create complex and precise 3D models.


Learn how to leverage NX CAD’s vast toolset to prep your models for Sheet Metal.  Get familiar with setting up and creating base Sheet Metal features, adding details such as bends, blends and various cutouts, all while analyzing the design to make sure that it is manufacturable.


The NX Sketch Task Environment is one of the most important aspects of designing in NX CAD.  Learn how to utilize these unique Sketch tools to create lines, arcs and other profile geometry, while adding dimensions and relationships between sketch objects in order to control the geometry and foster a robust design environment.

Synchronous Modeling

Get familiar with NX CAD’s unique approach to direct modeling with the Synchronous Modeling toolset.  Allowing the user to choose to ignore the history of an existing model or work with featureless imported geometry, giving the user the power to directly manipulate any object in the design environment with minimal restriction.

WAVE Interpart linking

Discover how to establish and manage links between components in an assembly by leveraging the power of NX CAD to create WAVE Link geometry, and design around existing components and geometry while maintaining associativity.


Explore how to create and manage complex 3D assemblies using NX CAD’s specialized tools and features. You’ll get a detailed look at the interactions encountered in the Assembly Modeling environment, how to utilize the Assembly Load Options, as well as using Assembly Constraints, Arrangements, and Reference Sets to set up display states within the assembly.


Learn to create high-quality 2D engineering drawings from 3D models using the NX Cad drafting tools and features. Explore capabilities such as modifying drawing layout settings, adding various views, editing dimensions and annotations, and setting up explosions, all while creating detailed multi-sheet drawings.

Meet Your Instructor

Devin Croswell

Devin Croswell has been pushing the envelope in mechanical engineering for more than 17 years. At Sherpa, he continues to guide endeavors in product design across industries, and he has become an invaluable resource for both our clients and our internal team.

How We’ll Equip You for Success

Guide Sessions

Running into an obstacle? You’re not stranded on your own. Guide hours are times when you can schedule a live call with your instructor to help you get back on track.

Sample Models

Accelerate your learning with hands on exploration. The course comes with exercises and sample models for you to practice with.

Course Workbook

When you sign up for the course, you’ll have a digital version of the workbook ready to go. Next, we’ll ship a printed copy you can easily reference while learning and practicing.


What Will i need for this course?

You’ll need an NX CAD license (Mach1 Design level or higher), an appropriately spec’d computer and experience with another parametric 3D-based CAD system (Creo, SolidWorks, CATIA).

What if I don’t have an NX license?

Contact us, we’ll connect you with a partner resource to get you set up with a license. 

How long will I have access to the course?

60 days. We find you’ll get the best learning outcomes if you commit to completing the course within a month. Most people who take this course are motivated to that anyway – the faster you build your competence, the sooner you can take on the kind of work that will make your effort worth it!

Can I get a preview of the course?

Yes, take a look at a sample lesson focused on Sketching here!

Who is Sherpa Design?

We are a design and engineering firm that has been pushing the boundaries of Siemens NX solutions every single day since our founding when it was called Unigraphics/UG. Over the years, our experienced instructors have translated their real-world experience into effective onsite and remote training courses. You can learn more about our work and our additional training offerings at sherpa-design.com.