Teamcenter is the top competitor in the PLM market, capable of managing much of an enterprise’s business data and processes. Teamcenter standardizes the way business data and processes relate to each other through the use of a data model that defines the structure of a relational database, like Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle.

The Teamcenter data model is a structured, hierarchical organization of abstract objects designed to represent business data. A data model represents documents, part designs, design documents, and the relationships between them, as well as the business processes applied to them. Teamcenter has a data model that can be extended using the Business Modeler IDE (BMIDE).

BMIDE is a tool for adding custom data model objects on top of the default Teamcenter data model objects. The BMIDE accomplishes this by separating your data model into its own set of XML files that are kept apart from the standard data model, known as the commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) data model.

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Exotic Metals Forming Company are a company of innovators and specialists in aerospace sheet metal fabrication & design. Exotic Metals contracted Sherpa Design and our affiliate company, Applied CAx, to provide streamlining and maintenance for their Teamcenter PLM installation.

We reached out to Exotic to give us some insights into how the process went, how it benefited them, and where they are today with their PLM environment.

What was the situation for Exotic Metals before you brought on Sherpa Design/Applied CAx to help with the PLM challenges you were facing?

"Prior to partnering with Sherpa Design/Applied CAx for our PLM needs, there were many challenges our company was facing. For the infrastructure implemented with the outside consulting contracted, the experience of our company with Teamcenter was a system that crashed frequently, included slow response times (with a negative moniker being uttered by our users), and there was limited consulting expertise to identify the fundamental flaws in the infrastructure and the associated settings within Teamcenter. In conjunction with new personnel brought in to our IT department, Sherpa Design/Applied CAx leveraged their expertise and guided our company in establishing a robust platform that stabilized the Teamcenter installation and got our company on the right path for developing Teamcenter as more of a fundamental building block for our future business processes."

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Nuscale power logo"Sherpa Design helped us upgrade a legacy, pre-release version of Siemens Teamcenter to a newer generally-available version. They helped us through the entire processes, mapping out the upgrade path through multiple minor release versions, moving to a new server operating system, fixing several issues with company-specific customizations, and acting on our behalf with Siemens technical support. [Sherpa Design's team] were able to perform the upgrade at a reasonable cost, work through unexpected problems, and safely migrate our system with a sound roll-back strategy. Sherpa staff worked closely with our internal support team, and were very responsive to issues and concerns. Overall, we were very happy with the upgrade and are planning to use their services for our next upgrade."

- Eric Fischer, NuScale Power



siemensenergy 300x140"[Teamcenter expert, Randy Ellsworth] performed exceptionally well and assumed the role of Infrastructure architect... A mixture of physical and virtual servers were stood up and configured as needed... Often work needed to be completed after hours and over weekends to meet the schedule without affecting normal business and solution development. After over two years, Randy successfully handed over the Infrastructure tasks to the team he mentored and transitioned out of the project.

The success of the Globus project was due in part to Randy’s participation. His knowledge and experience were instrumental while his cool demeanor during highly stressful events kept everyone at ease. I would gladly engage him again given the opportunity and provide my highest recommendation."

- Peter Spierling, Globus Project at Siemens Energy Oil & Gas

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